HealthCare Dashboard for Driven Insights to Improve Mental Health Support and Decision-Making


The challenge was to harness data-driven insights for enhancing mental health support and decision-making within the healthcare sector, while also addressing the complexities of healthcare data and ensuring stringent data security.


Our solution involved creating a healthcare dashboard powered by MongoDB and Power BI, enabling seamless data integration, robust security protocols, and automated data updates to facilitate informed decision-making in the mental health domain.


Data Integration

We seamlessly integrated MongoDB and Power BI, enabling the extraction of real-time patient data and mental health statistics for comprehensive analysis.

Data Transformation

Complex healthcare data was transformed into visually insightful reports and dashboards, providing healthcare professionals with a clear understanding of patient trends and needs.

Security Measures

We implemented stringent security measures, including data encryption and role-based access control, to protect sensitive patient information and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Automated Updates

Scheduled data updates and alerts were set up, ensuring that healthcare practitioners had access to the latest data for timely decision-making.

Results Overview

The implementation of the healthcare dashboard resulted in significant improvements in mental health support and decision-making within the healthcare sector.

Patient Engagement Increase

Patient engagement increased by 25% as healthcare providers used real-time data to provide more personalized mental health support.

Data Breach Prevention

Robust security measures resulted in a 95% reduction in the risk of data breaches, ensuring patient data confidentiality.

Efficiency Gains

Automated data updates reduced the time spent on data management by 40%, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Cost Savings

The optimized resource allocation and reduced downtime resulted in cost savings of $250,000 annually for the healthcare facility.

Results Details

Enhanced Patient Care

The healthcare dashboard provided real-time insights into patient mental health, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor treatments and support to individual needs.

Data Security Compliance

The robust security measures implemented ensured that patient data remained secure, safeguarding privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Efficient Decision-Making

Automated data updates and intuitive dashboards enabled quicker, more informed decision-making for healthcare administrators.

Improved Resource Allocation

The insights derived from the dashboard helped healthcare facilities optimize resource allocation for mental health support services.

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Patient Engagement Increased
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Robust Security measures resulted
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Reduced the Time Spent on Data Management
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Cost Saving


The healthcare dashboard, powered by MongoDB and Power BI, successfully addressed the challenge of improving mental health support and decision-making in healthcare. It delivered enhanced patient care, ensured data security compliance, facilitated efficient decision-making, and improved resource allocation for mental health services, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and patients.

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