Implementing Cloud Data Warehouse using Snowflake


Client, a leading e-commerce platform, grappled with scalability issues, reporting delays, high costs, and data sharing bottlenecks in their legacy architecture.


To address these challenges, Client adopted Snowflake's modern data environment, transforming their data operations.


Scalable Architecture

Snowflake's cloud-native architecture instantly scaled to handle peak data demands, ensuring uninterrupted data processing during traffic spikes.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Snowflake reduced data processing time from four hours to ten minutes, significantly cutting operational costs, including electricity, hardware, and networking expenses.

Data Sharing & Marketplace

Snowflake Secure Data Sharing streamlined data sharing by 10x, fostering better collaborations with partners. The Data Marketplace expanded data sources and enriched analytics capabilities.

Enhanced Productivity

Snowflake improved data scientist productivity by about 20%, supporting a 5x growth in the data science team. This amplified insights generation and strategic decision-making.


The adoption of Snowflake enabled data-driven decisions contributing to millions in revenue growth.

Revenue Influence

Snowflake played a pivotal role, influencing tens of millions in revenue growth through data-driven strategies, personalized service offers, and targeted campaigns.

Operational Efficiency

Snowflake's dynamic scaling aligned with reporting needs, reducing costs by ensuring resource efficiency. Only necessary resources were allocated, preventing over-spending.

Productivity Boost

Data scientists achieved 20% higher productivity with Snowflake, accelerating insights generation, and supporting rapid decision-making.

Innovation Catalyst

Snowflake Data Marketplace and live data sharing facilitated quicker decision-making, adapting to market changes faster. For example, Snowflake data sets helped Client respond to COVID-19 with curbside delivery and same-day delivery services.

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Faster data sharing
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Cost avoided by Migrating to the Cloud
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Productivity Increase for Data Teams
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Revenue Growth Influenced by Data-Driven Decision-Making


The adoption of Snowflake not only addressed immediate data challenges but also positioned Client for a data-driven future. Scalability, cost savings, productivity gains, and innovative capabilities have empowered Client to excel in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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